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Our center is dedicated to foster children’s innate curiosity, nurture their values and uniqueness, make PLAY and EXPLORATION their stepping stones to learning which enable them to pursue their interests and develop themselves to their full potential.



Little Explorers Learning Center is committed to creating a home away from home kind of environment which helps working families to still pursue their careers and earn a living while their children are given excellent care and development.


Little Explorers Learning Center aims to provide children with fun learning experiences and exciting opportunities so they can develop the skills needed in exploring the world around them and be lifelong learners.


Little Explorers Learning Center ensures that children’s learning styles and intelligence are recognized and respected.

I have a Bachelor of Science major in Psychology.  I also completed my teacher certificate program specializing in Early Childhood Education and earned credits in a Master of Arts in Special Education with specialization in Intellectual Disabilities.


 I have been teaching for more than two decades and being a child at heart is one of the best things I love from being an educator. Teaching young children’s minds and touching their hearts will always be my passion.


During my free time, I make sure that I spend quality time with my family.  I enjoy going to different places to learn new things and build great experiences and memories.


Sandra Lou Valmonte


Little Explorers Learning Center

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