"I cannot express how much I love this place! it is the perfect mixture of learning and fun! I love seeing all the creative craft project my son comes home with because I know he is getting great hands-on experiences!"


"Little Explorers Learning Center is an amazing place to start an academic experience for children 0 to 5 years old.  It is a very neat place with an ambiance of colorful learning materials and playing equipment.  What a wonderful place to ignite intellectual curiosity for little children and the development of their skills as well as loved of learning.  Parents and teachers partnership is excellent.  Thumbs up!"

"Great learning environment for kids. I like their concept of teaching kids to learn by exploring."

"Welcoming and trustworthy staff.  It gave me a peace of mind leaving my child in a safe and caring environment.  The fact that they incorporate learning activities to the kids' daily routines is really great."


" I love this place.  I'm always looking forward to see creative crafts.  Great provider and teachers.  Very conducive environment for little learners."


"Little Explorers Learning Center uses great teaching tools that make their children more engaged in fun activities which is vital for nurturing curiosity.  Kudos to the skilled provider and teachers!"

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