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My kid has been going to LELC since she was 2 and it truly is the best thing that’s happened to all of us. With the help of Ms. Sandra and the other kids, she really blossomed. The transformation from before to now (age 4 1/2) has been so amazing to watch. I’m always so excited to hear about the new things she’s learned too. From the fun things they do for holidays and parties, to the art and learning she does everyday, I am just always impressed. 


Ms. Sandra is so patient and kind, and my child grew very attached to her. It breaks my heart that we are moving away. I only hope we can find someone out there as amazing as her. 

She is knowledgeable and gifted with young children, truly. As a new mom, my kid being my only one, she helped me countless times to understand my child and how best to teach her in life. I am forever grateful to her. Any parent would be lucky to have their kid experience the same thing we did. We can’t praise her enough! 


I can't say enough good things about Little Explorers Learning Center and especially Teacher Sandra. She is incredibly communicative, keeping us updated on our daughter's progress and activities. Her understanding of each child's individual needs is phenomenal. Our daughter comes home every day to share new facts and things she’s learned, which speaks volumes about the enriching environment LELC creates. Our daughter feels seen and valued, and it's clear that Teacher Sandra genuinely cares about every child.  

We feel so lucky to have found this daycare!


My daughter has been going here for over half a year now and she's had nothing but pleasant experiences here.  The staff is very warm and welcoming and I get constant updates on their activities plus pictures of them doing some of their projects.  I would recommend this Learning Center to any family looking  for center that cares about the educational growth of their child.


"As a parent it makes me so happy that my daughter truly enjoys being dropped off at the Little Explorers Learning Center. My daughter has been going there since she was 6 months old and has always been ahead in her development, and I honestly attribute that to Sandra and her staff, they are excellent!  At Little Explorers Learning Center my daughter has so much fun and learns manners, dexterity, being a friend and so much more. The environment there is BEYOND clean and structured, something I value very much."


"Welcoming and trustworthy staff.  It gave me a peace of mind leaving my child in a safe and caring environment.  The fact that they incorporate learning activities to the kids' daily routines is really great." 


"I cannot express how much I love this place! it is the perfect mixture of learning and fun! I love seeing all the creative craft project my son comes home with because I know he is getting great hands-on experiences!" 


" I love this place.  I'm always looking forward to see creative crafts.  Great provider and teachers.  Very conducive environment for little learners." 


"Little Explorers Learning Center uses great teaching tools that make their children more engaged in fun activities which is vital for nurturing curiosity.  Kudos to the skilled provider and teachers!" 


"Great learning environment for kids. I like their concept of teaching kids to learn by exploring." 


"Little explorers learning center is an amazing place to start an academic experience for children ages 0 to 5. It is a very neat place with an ambience of colorful learning materials and playing equipment. What a wonderful place to ignite intellectual curiosity for little children and the development of their skills as well as love of learning. Parents and teachers partnership is excellent. Thumbs up."


My daughter has been going to LELC for over a year now.  I can't imagine being able to teach her everything she has learned there.  She's 2 years old and knows her ABC's and can count to 14! Everyday she comes home, it blows me away what she has learned.  Sandra and the staff are so understanding and patient with parents, students and the families.

 I wish I could rate this place more than 5 stars!


Little Explorers Learning Center is the perfect place to nurture your child.  They have fun and educational activities everyday including creative crafts, music and outdoor play.  Teachers are so kind, loving, sweet and caring.  You have peace of mind when you leave your child with them.  They also provide nutritious food and always make sure of the safety, health and cleanliness of every child.  Highly recommended.


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